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  • What are smash rooms?
    * Smash Room - A smash room, also known as a rage room, break room or anger room are rooms that you enter wearing safety equipment, smash an array of items and let off some steam. Think of it as a therapy session! DISCLAIMER SMASH YOU! DOES NOT CLAIM TO BE A MENTAL HELP OR MEDICAL FACILITY, WE DO NOT TREAT, GIVE DIAGNOSIS OR PROVIDE MEDICAL THERAPY OF ANY KIND. IF YOU FEEL YOU NEED HELP WITH ANY MENTAL OR MEDICAL ISSUES, PLEASE CONTACT A LICENCED PRACTITIONER. THANK YOU.
  • What are splatter rooms?
    * Splatter Room - A splatter room is a room that you enter wearing safety equipment, throw paint balloons against a wall or at someone else in your group, paint walls, buy a canvass, paint it and take it home, hit paint ballons/powder with tennis racquets. The possabilities are endless. *NOTE: please be advised if booking 2 people - 1 room will be allocated - for people wanting 2 separate rooms please make 2 separate bookings
  • What is a Throw Zone
    We have created an area where you by yourself or with some friends - 4 at a time - can compete in our Throw Zone Area. We have created this area with targets and fun things to aim at. Add up your scores and winner gets boasting rights.
  • How much does it cost?
    Smash and Paint Spatter Experiences start from $50 per person and include a crate of goodies to get you started. Extra items, crates etc can be added at time of booking or on the day (subject to availability)
  • Is it safe?
    We make it as safe as we possibly can. We have rules in place to make sure it is safe. We supply you with overalls, gloves and face protection. All we ask is that you wear closed in shoes, are not intoxicated by alcohol or illegal drugs, are not pregnant, obey the rules and sign a waiver and we take care of the rest. A First Aid Kit is on hand.
  • Where are you located?
    Smash You! is located at in unit 1 number 22 Barralong rd Erina (1/22 Barralong Rd Erina) NSW - entry from Barralong Rd or from Marinus Place.
  • What age do I have to be to use your facilities?
    You must be 18+ years of age to smash things (please bring ID) You must be 6+ to enter our paint/splatter rooms (an adult must be present at all times) No one under the age of 16 can participate without the presence of their parent or legal guardian, and such parent/legal guardian are required to sign a waiver of liability for that person and be present during the full session.
  • How many people are allowed in your rooms at once?
    Smash Rooms - 1 person at a time (4 rooms available) Paint/Splatter Rooms - up to 2 people (2 rooms available) - can be opened up to extend to 4 people at once Throw Zone - up to 4 people
  • What do I wear & what safety equipment do I get?
    Bring music to break too and closed toe shoes WITH socks - no thongs, crocs, high heals, open toe shoes etc We supply you with full face protection, coveralls & gloves. All of our safety gear is washed and/or sanitized after each use.
  • What do I smash?
    You get to smash a range of items like; dinner plates, bowls, cups, mugs, flower vases, beer & wine bottles, ornaments and even items like washing machines, printers, guitars and other appliances. Items will change vary from time to time, depending on what we can get/subject to availability. Your initial charge includes a crate of items - more crates or additional items can be ordered on the day or some items are available online.
  • Can I bring my own weapon and/or items to smash?
    Unfortunatley no. Weapons - due to our insurance you are unable to bring your own weapons and at present we do not allow guests to bring their own breakables in.
  • Do you accept donations?
    Yes, we are happy to pick up donated breakables. You can also drop them off at our location or contact us here for pickup Please be aware that we can not accept anything containing mercury (like lab equipment) older model televisions (flat screen are okay), microwaves (old style) or older computer monitors (flat screen monitors are okay).
  • How much time do I have inside your rooms
    We allocate time based on what you purchased at time of booking - we make sure you have enough time to enjoy your session and any extras purchased. It will also take 10-15 minutes to get set up with safety gear, sign waivers and connect to our system so you can play your music, so please arrive at least 15 minutes early. We are unable to extend your time if you aren't ready at your scheduled appointment time.
  • Can I take pictures or video my session?
    You are welcome to record your session and take as many pictures as you want during that time. All rooms are set up with phone holders.
  • Can I play music during my session?
    Yes of course! You can pair your phone directly to our sound system in the room your in and listen to your own music or playlist. In consideration of others, please have your music ready so you're not delayed for your session.
  • What is your cancellation/refund policy?
    Due to the unique nature of our business we have a strict NO refund and cancellation / reschedule policy. Due to Covid-19 precautions, we have increased the time between sessions for additional cleaning and disinfecting. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled session. This gives you time to put on your safety gear, connect to our sound system and receive your smash orientation. If you are late your appointment time will be reduced accordingly. We do not refund for no-shows, cancellations. If you arrive late, this will count towards your session time. All sales are final. No refunds will be issued.
  • Anything else I need to know?
    No alcohol or drugs are to be consumed before or during your session. If we find you are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol we will cancel your session and no refunds issued. Obey all rules. GUESTS If you bring guests to watch, please be advised they will need to remain in the downstairs reception area and will watch your session on the TV. They will not be permitted within the smash or paint areas. All guests will wear closed in shoes. Failure to do so will result in these guests not being able to enter the venue.
  • Is the paint washable?
    We provide paint that is washable but it is possible it could stain clothing. While we provide shoe covers and disposable coveralls, we suggest wearing clothes you don't mind adding a little splash of color to! Paint is suitable for 3+ and has been tested to International Standard EN71
  • Are the rooms private?
    We have built our rooms to be either open or closed. We have "viewing" areas if you are happy to have people/friends watch or total privacy - it's your choice :)
Health Update: Covid 19
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