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Our Recycling Program

We want your recyclable junk!

Having a clean up? Have e-waste and/or recyclable breakable materials? Get rid of your old clutter with us.


Do you have old computers, monitors, VCRs, cable boxes, printers or televisions that you need recycled?


We can give them one more use in one of our rage rooms, then recycle the remains for you!

Using items one more time through a rage room helps the environment and humans.


Giving electronics one last use to reduce stress, frustration or anger makes for happier people, and smashed items take less room in the waste stream.


We will happily accept your old electronics, glassware, knickknacks, frames, clocks, dishes, lamps, etc.

All our items used in our break/smash rooms are all recycled and disposed of in the best way to help look after our environment.

Majority of our glass/ceramics that have been smashed are handed over to an array of local businesses who use the glass to create mosaics. We have plenty to go around so please contact us if you would like to come and collect and smashed glass for your art pieces.

E-Waste & Appliance Recycling

Our E-Waste and appliances are picked up by someone who collects these items for recycling and anything they don't want, we take to our local e-waste recycling facility. Again if anyone is interested in these items once they have been destroyed please do not hesitate to contact us.

Glass and Ceramic Recycling

We also accept large lot glass and ceramic materials for recycling, such as beer or liquor bottles and dishware.

Mosaic Artists

We also invite anyone that may benefit from our mixed glass to come and grab as much as they want -

this may be of interest to people who use glass on their art work (Mosaics).


Thanks for submitting!

Health Update: Covid 19
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