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All bookings must be made in advance.

Prices start at $50 p/p and paint rooms are 6+ (anyone under 16 must have a particpating adult in the room at all times)

The Splatter Room is another offering we have for you.


A fun, new experience for you, your friends and/or family.

Book your paint experience and any extras online today (extras can also be purchased on the day).

We’ll supply you with balloons full of paint, brushes, paint filled spray bottles and paint pots and a tennis racquet/bat, 1 x canvas to get you started.


You will also receive disposable overalls, shoe coverings and disposable gloves and head covering.

*note - please be aware coveralls may not be enough to protect your clothing - we advise wearing old clothes and shoes.

Safety Glasses will also be provided.


Additional items like larger canvases, more paint, colour run powder, pinatas or more balloons can be purchased on the day or online.

Want more from your experience? Add a Pinata Smash or a Dart Zone Package

Our pinatas are filled with colour run powder to add more colour to your Paint Splatter experience.

Want more? 24 balloons filled with paint all pinned to the wall ready for you to throw darts at.


1 - 6 people.

Ages 6+

Please note a waiver is to be signed by all participants.


You can save time and do this online or you can fill these out on the day when you arrive.

Please arrive 15min before, to give you enough time to complete waiver/s and suit up as we go through the rules.


  • If you bring guests to watch, please be advised they will need to remain in the downstairs reception area and will watch your session on the TV. They will not be permitted upstairs. All guests will wear closed in shoes. Failure to do so will result in these guests not being able to enter the venue.

Please note* if you arrive late this will count towards your session time

Health Update: Covid 19
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